About us

Kalash Products

Kalash Products.com lunched at the end of 2010. It aims to create more income generation for Kalash community. KP is a project of Kalash Women Welfare and Skill Development Center which established on April 2004 but it merged with Kalash People’s Development Network later on April 2005 when KPDN formed. We strongly believe that when the traditional skill die then the intangible assets will die. When the intangible cultures die then the culture will disappear from the world as a unique culture. To sustain this culture KPDN has then taken many steps, but the first visible step is here you have been glanced recently.

Indeed to motivate and transfer the traditional skill to young generation through new ideas, because no one have time to work with conventional tools and due to globalization/modernization the culture is already affected therefore it sought to utilize the new technology for welfare and sustainability of Kalash culture to open new ways to earn income and continue their expensive traditions. As resources are reducing and needs are increasing day to day life. The Kalash population is also increases with the passage of time but there will be no land and trees any more to sale out to locals to get something to sustain the tradition, eventually people will choose alternate ways such as conversion to other faith.

One of the Kalash Product’s main goal is to strengthen the community in terms of finance. When they have cash then they could make some endowment funds for the culture’s sustainability and they can do what they want. Kalash Products especially focusing on women community to empower particularly.


Important note: Kalash Products has been handed over to LAWIRI (Lucky Access for Webs and Information Resources International) for long run impact. LAWIR (PVT) Ltd.

LAWIRI has been incorporated with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under companies ordnance 1984. Having Incorporation number (CUIN): 0102965. LAWIRI is leading IT company from Kalasha valleys and it will promote handicrafts, tourism, dry-fruits, sports plus many more.